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Frequently asked questions

“Frequently asked questions”


Are cars allowed at the holiday park?

A maximum of 1 car per pitch is allowed at the holiday park.
The car must be able to be parked within the rented space.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed, up to 2. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times on the park. 

Please note: all our accommodations are pet free.

Are unaccompanied youth be allowed on the park?

No, we do not allow groups of unaccompanied youth.

Can I charge my electric bicycle?

Yes, this is possible.
We have a charging station for bicycles at the front of the terrace near the brasserie.

Can I charge my electric car?

Yes, this is possible.
There are two charging stations in the central parking lot and there is also one in the holiday park near Veld Valk.
When your car is charged, we request that you move it to a normal parking space.

Charging is done by means of your charge card.

Can I enter the holiday park with two cars?

No, it is not possible to enter the holiday park with two cars.
The second car can be parked in the central parking lot at the front of the park.

Do visitors have to pay?

Visitors have to report by the reception.
For visitors we have a rate of € 1.25 per person.

Hoe upload ik mijn toegangsfoto voor het zwembad?
Is barbecuing allowed?

Barbecuing is allowed when there is no nuisance to the other guests and no code orange/red is issued by the fire department. 
Fire pits and open fires are not allowed.

Is there a good WiFi connection?

We offer the possibility to use the WiFi everywhere on the holiday park for free.
This is for general use. This way you can easily check your e-mail, visit web pages or use Whatsapp and Facebook.

May visitors also swim in the pools?

No, this is not allowed. According to the Dutch law, only the registered persons on the park can use the swimming pools.


Are all camping prices inclusive?

The camping prices include shower and hot water, free WiFi, 8 amp electricity with 5 kWh use per day, access to the swimming pool, tennis court and play facilities. Tourist tax is exclusive and is calculated after the number of persons and overnight stays.

A higher amperage or a higher electricity consumption are at an additional cost.

Are awnings/canopies/party tents allowed?

At our holiday park it is allowed to place 1 awning and 1 open awning in front of your caravan. Multiple awnings are not allowed, nor are awnings, etc., placed at the rear of the caravan.

If you want to use a party tent, this must be discussed with the reception!

Are the private sanitary facilities cleaned daily or in between?

The private sanitary facilities are delivered clean on arrival. It will not be cleaned in between. Not even if you have booked for a long(er) period.

Can I add a side tent to my camping equipment?

Yes, that is possible. The side tent can not be bigger than 4 m2 and must remain within its own location. 
If necessary, the car must move to the parking lot.

Can I use groundsheet?

We advise you not to use a sealing plastic groundsheet under the awning, but only breathable grass carpet. Only a so-called grass-friendly growth mat (no root cloth!) may be used under the awning, which must be rolled up in the event of a longer absence.

This rule has been made to limit damage to the turf and to offer guests who come after you also a green camping spot.

Do I have a water tap at the my campsite?

Yes, to operate the water tap on your campsite, you must have a tap key.
You can purchase this at the reception for € 2,


Are pets allowed in the accommodations?

No pets are not allowed in the accommodations.

Are sheet packages included in the price?

No, these are not included. You can rent a sheet package. The costs are € 8,- per sheet package, per person. 
These are ready at the accommodation upon arrival.

Can we book a cot / camping bed at our rental accommodation?

Yes, this is possible. A cot / camping bed is available for € 2,50 per day.
You must take care of the sheets yourself.
Please note: a cot doesn't fit in every accommodation and is always at the expense of a place to sleep

Do i have to pay a deposit?

A deposit of € 50,- is requested upon arrival for the accommodation.
For Castle the Vijverpoort we ask for a deposit of € 100,-

Make sure you have provided your bank account number via the my environment in advance.
Then we can easily transfer the deposit (minus any shortage / cleaning costs) within 14 days

Does the accommodation have to be cleaned on departure?

You will receive a clean accommodation upon arrival.
We ask you to live in your accommodation with care during your stay and dilever it clean again at your departure.

Is smoking allowed in the accommodations?

No, it is absolutely not allowed to smoke in the accommodations.

Arrival & departure

What are the arrival and departure times?
  • For campers, the arrival time is after 1 PM. and departure time before 12 PM.
  • For the campers with private sanitary , the arrival time is after 2 PM and departure time before 11 AM
  • For rental accommodations, the arrival time is after 3 PM and departure time before 10 AM
What if I arrive later than the reception desk opening hours?

You can check-in at the reception till 5 PM. When you arrive later, we would greatly appreciate it if you contact us on forehand. 

Facilities & opening hours


Reservation & payment

Can I cancel my reservation?

If you do't have cancellation insurance and do want to cancel the reservation, this will be done in accordance with the conditions of the RECRON industry association.

In case of cancellation, the guests pays a compensation to the holiday park
This amounts to:

In case of cancellation more than three months before the commencement date, 15% of the agreed price.
In case of cancellation within three to two months before the commencement date, 50% of the agreed price.
In case of cancellation within two to one month before the commencement date, 75% of the agreed price.
In case of cancellation within one month before the commencement date, 90% of the agreed price.
In case of cancellation on the day of commencement date, 100% of the agreed price.


Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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